Day: February 24, 2013

Political Psychology

Why The Sequester Is Worse Now Than It Will Be After It Happens

Welcome Dr. Gina Show Listeners! Republicans should announce “the sequester won’t be so bad” and shut up, and science tells us why. Obama, the Dems, liberal pundits, the press, and even John Boehner are running around yelling about how horrible the sequester will be. In some deep recesses of our minds, we agree.  “Oh, my God! We’re …


The Republican Party Seems Bent On Self-Destruction

Every election cycle millions of reliable Republican voters die and even more millions of Democrat voters get the vote. Messaging and pandering won’t fix the problem. Reforming the party might. Libertarian reforms offer the best hope, because all the other conservative factions – evangelicals, Second Amendment, home schoolers, fiscal — have hit their high-water marks. …