Don’t Let Missouri’s Businesspeople Become Prostitutes in Business Suits

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Why would the Missouri Chamber of Commerce want to expand Obamacare in Missouri? Short-sighted pursuit of money.


The Missouri Chambermaids of Cronyism #

Here’s the simple truth: the Missouri Chamber of Commerce is not conservative. It does not exist to advance limited government and fiscal responsibility and free enterprise capitalism. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce has become convinced that it must lie down before government and beg for scraps from the federal table. Like good men and women who go astray once elected to Congress, many business leaders need our help in reminding them that government is not the solution to their problems; government is their problem.

Decades of government coercion have driven many business people away from the idea of freedom toward a sick dependence on government. That behavior is called “crony capitalism,” and it’s as destructive to free enterprise as is socialism. Read what Whole Foods co-founder John Mackey writes about crony capitalism in his fabulous new book, Conscious Capitalism:

Crony capitalists and governments have become locked in an unholy embrace, elevating the narrow, self-serving interests of the few over the well-being of the many. They use the coercive power of government to secure advantages not enjoyed by others: regulations that favor them but hinder competitors, laws that prevent market entry, and government-sanctioned cartels.

While free-enterprise capitalism is inherently virtuous and vitally necessary for democracy and prosperity, crony capitalism is intrinsically unethical and poses a grave threat to our freedom and well-being. Unfortunately, our current system has the effect of corrupting many honorable businesspeople, pushing them into becoming reluctant crony capitalists as a matter of survival. [emphasis added]

Mackey, John; Sisodia, Rajendra (2012-12-25). Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business (Kindle Locations 519-521). Harvard Business Review Press. Kindle Edition.

I urge you to read Conscious Capitalism, which I will review on this blog latter this week.

Unholy Alliance To Take Your Money #

Right now, of course, the Obama administration dangles cash before the eyes of states. The name given this bait is “Medicare Expansion.”  Here’s the offer: the federal government will cover the cost of billions of dollars in increased Medicaid coverage for 3 years. After that, states must pick up the tab themselves.

  1. If Missouri goes along with funding Obamacare through Medicaid Expansion, state taxes will increase by about $2 billion  half a billion dollars per year in just 4 years.@  And Missouri tax payers, alone, will have to foot that bill.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce, though, sees federal dollars they can stuff in their pockets right now. They refuse to look at the future, refuse to plan, refuse to weigh their freedoms. They simply want money now.

Organized labor and organized management—Prostitutes in Business Suits—are spending millions to pressure Missouri’s legislators to trade your economic future for their immediate gratification. Their legs are spread wide before any Tom, Dick, or Obama with a $1.98 in his pocket. And there is no organized opposition to their carnal quest for cash.

Act Now #

  1. Write your state rep and state senator.  Make your message short and succinct:  “Do not support Medicaid Expansion in Missouri.”
  2. Next, pick one corporate member of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and write to its CEO. Again, be polite and direct. “I will not support your company if you support Medicaid Expansion in Missouri.”
  3. Finally, let the world know who you contacted about Medicaid Expansion on twitter, facebook, and blogs.  Include the legislator’s @twitter handle and the hash tag #NoMoMedicaid.

The one man fighting this unholy alliance is Senator John Lamping, but he can’t defeat this Jezebel alone. Fight the prostitutes in business suits. They will thank you someday.

@ Update:  My original figures were wrong–I looked at the wrong state.  Please this Heritage Foundation study for more details.