2012 Election

This Is The Infographic That The Whole Republican Party Is Freaking Out About

The 3 million McCain voters who didn’t vote for Romney?

They’re dead.

Voters Die

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To survive, the GOP needs to stop being afraid of Millennials and tell them truth: they can move out of mom and dad’s house, they can drop out of school, they can quit their dead-end job with the idiot supervisor. But they can’t get away from government and debt.

If you want freedom, it doesn’t emanate from Washington, DC.   It starts here.

The Republicans also have to stop pandering. It’s weak and annoying and convinces no one.

It’s time to bring professional, scientific marketing and messaging to work for our country. And that means a lot of money shifts from the traditional consultants to people who actually know what they’re doing.


Please forward this infographic to your friends. Share it. Download, print, and hand out. This is important.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

10 Comments on “This Is The Infographic That The Whole Republican Party Is Freaking Out About

  1. This is why the Republican Establishment was scared to death of Dr. Ron Paul. The thing is, it is not that MIllenials are Liberal, they are libertarians. They have the internet, and are no longer beholden to the main stream media. The Republican Establishment likes control as much as the Dems do. The problem is, the Repubs need to accept that liberty is a powerful message and that the game as they knew it has fundamentally and irreversibly changed as a result of Demographics and the Internet. As Newt says, a problem you can do nothing about is a fact. The Establishment can either embrace the Millenials, or get used to losing as a result of the Millenials refusing to support the lesser of 2 evils. Pushing away the “young crop” of liberty minded Millenials like Romney did at the convention and like Boehner is doing to the likes of Justin Amash and others, and like was done at the caucuses nationwide is nothing more than suicide.

    1. Important insights. Thank you. I’ll be bluntly honest: The GOP will be reduced to a regional party by 2016 if it doesn’t muzzle the crony capitalist establishment and embrace scientific, human-centered strategic design. The clock is ticking.

      1. Sadly, the real problem is that the battle within the GOP is the question of the proper role of Government. You have different factions. You have the “Christian Conservatives” who are not actually conservative in that that they have no issue using the force of government so long as it is to support their desires. To me, without a coherent philosophy grounded in liberty, they are really no different than the Big Government Dems. Sadly, this irony is lost. These are the same folks that think Huckabee is a “Conservative.” You then have the Big Government Republicans, who are really just Keynesians who for some reason, usually electoral pragmatism, that have aligned with the Republicans like Graham, McCain, and Boehner. Lastly, you have the folks that are derided as “Libertarians” by the other two. (who mistakenly fail to understand that the Libertarian Party, and the libertarianism practiced by those that are attempting to push the Republican Party back to the right are not one and the same. They fail to understand that these “libertarians” are “libertarians” in the vein of Thomas Jefferson, the Manchester School of Liberalism, and the belief in liberty and free will of man that was the result of the European Enlightenment. The Millenials, of which I am one, realize that they have been misled and used by both parties, and unless there is some major overhaul, the majority of them will not play into the two party paradigm, and instead will opt to wait for mortality to catch up with current Republican party leadership. The thing is, if the Republicans could produce an electable candidate, with many of the views of Ron Paul, he/she would win in a landslide, however, many of the Republican Big Money supporters, that thrive on the 2 party paradigm, would lose out, and that is not something the Establishment can afford from a Campaign Contribution standpoint.

        For example, why would Boeing or Raytheon support a candidate who is not an interventionist? Doing goes against their own self-interest, while certainly not in the interest of the public at large, the degree of corporatism/crony capitalism that has been engaged in, has made so many behold to those interests, to support liberty is to go against their own economic self interest, and it not something they are willing to do.

        Just think, what if drugs, or even just marijuana were legalized from a purely economic perspective (social impact aside), you would overnight decimate local, state, and Federal Law enforcement. By decimate, I mean, crime would decrease, as well as the forfeiture funds that many live on as a result of bypassing Federal law, by passing the funds to the Feds, who then kick it back (munis are prohibit from keeping the funds they seize directly, but if they pass to DEA, who then takes a cut and passes back, it is okay at the moment.) If such a thing happened, small towns like Columbia, MO would no longer have the Federal Grant money to buy a literal tank like they did. The problem is, Law Enforcement has a vested interest in “crime” rates, especially non-violent offenses. It is job security. They need for drugs to remain illegal simply from an economic perspective. Law Enforcement has become an industry like any other. The problem in my mind is, there are serious issues with both Law Enforcement, as well as municipal interests like the MML (Missouri Municipal League) using their taxpayer derived funds, to lobby for more government and more tax payer derived funds. It is the very same issue as Public Sector Unions at its core. Too many people on the taxpayer teat, and none willing to vote against their own economic interests out of principle, which makes it that much harder to make them understand the long term benefits of liberty, versus the short term monetary benefits of Keynesian. What was it Lord Maynard Keynes basically said? Something to the effect of “It doesn’t matter because in the long run, were all dead.” That is the problem at its core…….

        1. This is more than a comment. Mind if I turn it into a guest post?

          We might disagree a bit on foreign policy and defense. I believe in a ready military and maintaining dominance of sea power. (Read The Next 100 Years by George Friedman. It’s a very important book recommended by my good friend Steven Walden.)

          I’d also point out that, while he was vigilant Cold Warrior (as was I), William F. Buckley considered himself a libertarian, as evidenced by the title of one of his book, Happy Days Were Here Again: Reflections of a Libertarian Journalist. In his time, Buckley ran for mayor of New York City as a Conservative to protest liberal Republican John Lindsay, about whom Buckley once said that Lindsay and Lowell Weicker were Young Republicans together back when the destruction of New York City was just “a gleam in Lindsay’s eye.”

          Later, in the 1980s, Buckley formed BuckPAC to defeat Senator Lowell Weicker. It worked.

          Since mimicking Buckley is easier than thinking for myself (which, more often than not, gets me into trouble), I’ll endorse marijuana legalization point, as well. Buckley came out for legalization in, I believe, 1972, prompting many people to cancel their subscriptions to National Review.

          Legalize It
          I’ve learned in recent years that many police officers would be more than happy to get out of the business of arresting people for marijuana possession. The reason police organizations oppose legalization is purely economical. Police departments–city and state–receive a ton of funding for their anti-weed efforts. I’ve tried to argue that if pot were legal, they could replace that revenue by writing more tickets for driving too slow.

          Where freedom goes, money follows.
          Speaking of legalization, economics might be the thing that inspires a wave of state-by-state legalization. It’s all up to the Obama Administration. If the feds let Colorado and Washington enjoy their sovereignty over marijuana laws, surrounding states will see some economic losses. You can bet your bippy that state legislatures will get a lot of pressure from tourism bureaus to end the prohibition.

          For more everything I believe, here’s an exhaustive interview I did in 2010 (while exhausted) with Missouri News Horizon.

          Thanks, again, for commenting, and let me know if I may guest-post your comment. And how I should attribute if so.

      2. Certainly, feel free to use anything/portion you would like or have cause to. You can attribute it to Matt Hay. You and I likely are not too far apart on the defense argument. I was speaking from an economic standpoint. I believe in an unparalleled strong defense as well, but what I do not believe in is in engaging in proxy wars in which there is no real American interest, aside from that of select corporate interests that find using the US Military is easier to secure their goals via political leverage. Just like in Afghanistan, and the fact they coincidentally have the richest known rare earth metals vein on the planet, which also includes one of the largest known Uranium-235 deposits as well. See http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2007/1042/html/uranium.html and http://www.usgs.gov/newsroom/article.asp?ID=2936#.UMTlTCXLeiQ

  2. Very good points. Young people have been subjected to almost every kind of marketing tactic there is. We know and recognize when someone is trying to sell to us, and pandering is the absolute fastest way to make us walk away laughing.

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