Nobody Is Telling You About The Regulatory Armageddon About To Swamp The US Economy

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If you think federal regulation is bad today, just wait. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

By the EPA’s own reckoning, the rule if implemented annually would cost American businesses $90 billion. But a related rule due to be taken up in December similarly would declare large swaths of the U.S. “closed for new business” until emissions are reduced to meet lower caps than exist today, says Anne Kolton, spokeswoman for the American Chemistry Council.

Those are just two of 600+ EPA regulations that the Obama Administration put on hold until after the election. (Source:  Barrons)


From Enterprise Zones To Economic Dead Zones #

Some of these regulations would put an outright ban on any new businesses across huge chunks of the United States.  Others would shut down the coal industry, once and for all, throwing tens of thousands of workers into long-term unemployment.

These regulations will begin rolling out this month. That’s another reason why smart businesses are stashing their cash. They have no idea what the regulations will mean to them.

Stocks Get Hammered #

The DJIA fell more than 300 points today in the euphoria of Obama’s re-election. If these regulations hit the books, we might not see 13,000 Dow for a decade.

Elections have consequences. This one’s consequences could kill us.

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