November 1, 2012

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Bill Radles Endorses Ed Martin for Attorney General

I Endorse Ed Martin

Dear Friends,

This is an email to encourage you to remember to do all you can to get Ed Martin elected Attorney General of Missouri. I know there are a lot of races and it is easy sometimes to overlook some of the down-ticket offices. But the Attorney General is an extremely important office. He is the chief law enforcement official of the state. He is responsible for seeing to it that our laws are faithfully enforced and our constitutional rights protected. Kris Koster has shown that his principles will vary with the political winds. All he is concerned about is his own political advancement. We do not need that sort of man in such an important position.

Ed Martin is a true conservative. He believes deeply in the limited role of government and understands that the primary role of government is to protect our liberties. Ed is a courageous fighter of corruption. He will stand up for our rights regardless of the political pressures. The Democrats have poured a vast amount of money into this race because they have an agenda they wish to protect. We need to get this state back on track and electing Ed Martin is an important step in that direction.

As an experienced attorney, I can attest to the importance of this office. Ed Martin is the man to, at long last, restore integrity to the Attorney General’s office.

Sincerely, Bill Randles

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