October 17, 2012

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Here’s What Robin Carnahan Doesn’t Want You Know About Proposition E

Robin Carnahan, the Democrat Missouri Secretary of State, writes ballot language like the editorial page editor of the Post-Dispatch.


Carnahan wrote, perhaps, the most biased and unprofessional ballot initiative ever written regarding Proposition E.  She wanted you to think that Proposition E would outlaw all insurance in the state of Missouri and compel pet owners to feed rat poison to their animals. Here’s the original ballot language Carnahan wrote:

Missouri Health Care Exchange Question, Proposition E (2012) - Ballotpedia

Luckily, a judge slapped Robin down and forced reasonable, accurate ballot language.

Shall Missouri Law be amended to prohibit the Governor or any state agency, from establishing or operating state-based health insurance exchanges unless authorized by a vote of the people or by the legislature?

No direct costs or savings for state and local governmental entities are expected from this proposal. Indirect costs or savings related to enforcement actions, missed federal funding, avoided implementation costs, and other issues are unknown.

The initiative doesn’t do much, really. It’s hardly a panacea for the horror of Obamacare. It simply bars Jay Nixon or bureaucrats from creating new health exchanges without legislative action.

Not that the governor has such power, but Democrats don’t really believe in limited government—and Nixon tried to circumvent both the law and the legislature by illegally creating exchanges last year.

Vote YES on Proposition E on November 6, or live with the horror of bureaucracy run amok.