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How to Rock the Election Like Scott Walker and Richard Mourdock

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We’re past Empty Chair Day. The conventions are over.  Barack Obama still stands between us and liberty. And the Establishment’s more worried about its $$$ future than about America’s future.

What does that mean?  It means _you and I _ will determine what happens in Election 2012 and beyond.

If you want to have a hand in America’s future, listen up.  You have a chance to join the American Restoration.

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition will open a GOTV Activist Office in the next week or so. But there’s something you can do this week.  

Be at The Pillar in Chesterfield, MO, on Tuesday, September 11, at 7:00 PM for:

Winning Tea Party Movement Strategies for a Conservative America/Missouri 


 Greg Fettig, Carmel, IN, Founder/Architect of Hoosiers for Conservative Senate (Tea Party movement behind Richard Mourdock) - Author of “Tea Party on Safari: The Hunt for American RINO” - Speaker, tea-party activist

 Dan Hunt, Kenosha, WI, Coordinator, Kenoshans For Responsible Government, Business Owner, Activist in WI Recall

 The speakers will share first hand the strategic tactics used in Indiana and Wisconsin to produce AMAZING victories in 2012.** These tactics will Rock the Election everywhere they’re employed.**

Tea Party groups nationwide are joining Missourians in restoring Missouri Values. Concerned citizens welcome patriots from across America who are planning to converge on MO to drive values-voters to the polls.

These three days will “eXcite, eQuip, eNgage” (e3) patriotic groups statewide to “BE” the difference in the 2012 Elections.

Tentative Schedule:

(This itinerary is fluid and viral so keep checking your email for updates and pardon us for duplicate emails.)

 Monday, September 10

Breakfast at the Comfort Inn, Platte City, MO1201 Branch St., 1200 State Route 92, Platte City, MO 64079Local Contact: Theresa Emerson (816-616-6197)8:00a - 9:30a  Nevada, MOLunch at Iguana Azul Mexican RestaurantLocal Contact: Jerry Wadel (417-321-0909)113 W Cherry St., Nevada, MO11:30 - 1:00p  Joplin, MOSoup Buffet at Granny Shaffer’s Family Restaurant2728 N Rangeline RdLocal Contact: John Putnam (417-674-1946)6:30p - 8:00p Tuesday, September 11

Springfield, MOBreakfast at Golden Corral2020 E. PRIMROSE PLACELocal Contact: Dr. Scott Magill (417-886-8898)8:00a - 9:30a  Lebanon, MOShoney’s Restaurant1015 S. JeffersonLocal Contact: Ike Skelton (417-322-5220) or Maggie Kress (417-426-5931)12:00noon - 1:30p Rolla, MOLocation TBA3:00p - 4:30p

Chesterfield, MOThe Pillar in the Valley229 Chesterfield Business ParkwayLocal Contact: Frieda Keough (314-229-8720)7:00p-8:30p Wednesday, September 12

 Jefferson City, MOMissouri State Capitol - Hearing Room 6201 West Capitol AvenueLocal Contact: Phil Todd (573-619-4555)5:00p - 8:00p  PLEASE SHARE THIS ITINERARY WITH THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT AND OTHER GROUPS IN YOUR AREA. Everything is on the line!

Tour contacts:   John Putnam  417-674-1946  ComSense@jscomm.net     MO State Coordinator, www.TeaPartyPatriots.org

Kerry Messer  314-971-2477  mofamnet@ldd.net     www.Missouri Family Network.net

“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right that Heaven itself has ordained.”

Geo. Washington - 1st Address to Congress, April 1789

Let’s fill The Pillar Tuesday evening. And be ready to roll when we open the office.

  * [New poll shows Mourdock with small lead](https://legalinsurrection.com/2012/08/new-poll-shows-mourdock-with-small-lead/) (legalinsurrection.com)
  * [Romney stumps with Tea Party fave Mourdock in Indiana](https://firstread.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/08/04/13121767-mitt-romney-campaigns-with-tea-party-favorite-richard-mourdock-in-indiana?lite) (firstread.nbcnews.com)
  * [Tea party focused on coming GOP Senate primaries](https://cnsnews.com/news/article/tea-party-focused-coming-gop-senate-primaries) (cnsnews.com)


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