September 6, 2012

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I Told You So! Democrats BOO God, Israel

As if reading from a script written by the Romney campaign, the Democrats on Wednesday managed to mangle their public image even further, this time by booing God and Israel.

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On Tuesday, the Democratic National Convention stripped God’s name from their platform and rejected Israel’s choice of Jerusalem as its capital.

Wednesday, the party panicked and rushed in an amendment to restore God and Jerusalem. But the delegates wanted none of it.

Here’s the damning video (h/t Tammy Bruce). [youtube]

The story is that Obama himself, freaked out that America noticed God’s absence, asked that someone put the traditional language back into the platform.

But the convening Democrats don’t want God or Jerusalem in their platform. They clearly voted down the amendment.  Not once, but three times!

After the Democrats denied God three times before the cock crew, the chairman took a page from John Boehner’s playbook and imagined that heard a two-thirds vote in the affirmative.

After the chairman ramroded the amendment through, the Democrats booed and hissedThe Democrats booed God and hissed Israel on live television.

Hey, maybe poor ticket sales wasn’t the reason the Dems moved Obama’s speech from a 70,000 seat stadium to a 20,000 seat auditorium.  They could be afraid of lightning.

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