August 23, 2012

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Part 2: Here Is Todd Akin’s Real Crime

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What is Todd’s real crime?

He’s a damaged candidate, sure, but he is not a damaged man.

He was wrong, but** he erred on the side of life**.

It says something about a society and political mood where a man can be disqualified for loving life and God, but another man celebrated for enabling the slaughter of living children with surgical scissors through the base of their skulls.

No, Todd Akin isn’t perfect, nor perfectly informed.  Neither are the 100 Senators seated. The last candidate sold to us as perfect is the son of a bitch occupying the White House right now.

Did I want Todd to drop?  Yes. But my wish wasn’t for some high political or moral reasons; it was the easiest result for me.  It was convenient for me.  It was the default, selfish choice for me.  For me, for Romney, for Marco Rubio, for the GOP, Todd Akin’s candidacy is an inconvenient pregnancy we’re all too willing to surrender to the political abortionist’s vacuum.

Yes, Todd Akin was wrong.  Scientifically and rhetorically wrong.  He erred on the side of life.  He loves life to a flaw, and he’s not ashamed to say it out loud.

If that’s the _worst _candidate for Senate we can produce, then the republic is in fine shape.