August 13, 2012

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These Are the Bill in Congress That Need Your Attention

Even though Congress is winding down, there are dangerous bills on the desk.  I used Heritage Action’s Popvox program to tell Congressman (and future Senator) Todd Akin I oppose the FARM bill that does less for farmers and more for wasteful government statism.


Here’s the whole slate of bills you should write to Congress about:

Oppose the Big-Spending Farm Bill: Email Your Representative Now

Tell Blunt and McCaskill to Kill LOST—A Bill to Surrender US Sovereignty

Repeal Obamacare, Dammit!

Heritage Action does a great job of highlighting the greatest threats to liberty and good government before Congress.  Bookmark the sight and visit regularly.  Plus, our own Ben Evans is the regional coordinator.  If you’d like Ben’s help in coordinating action, or you’d like him to tell your organization about Heritage Action, here’s his complete contact information:

Ben Evans STL Regional Coordinator **Heritage Action for America **Cell: 202-679-2354 Twitter: @HeritageActMO

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