August 5, 2012

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Thanks to the Candidates Who Took My Survey

Thanks, so much, to the candidates who took a moment to respond to my survey.   Here are the results, including the candidates' verbatim responses.

I will oppose tax credits for private development except for extreme cases, such as recovery from disasters.

Agree 3 100% Disagree 0 0% I will reject federal funds that come with strings attached.

Agree 2 67% Disagree 1 33% I will resist federal mandates that violate the original intent of the Constitution.

Agree 4 100% Disagree 0 0%

I will work to reverse Washington’s centralization of power over education.

Agree 4 100% Disagree 0 0%

Why Are You Running?

Missouri needs a US Senator who isn’t owned by out of state interests, money, power, or influence. I am that candidate.

–Mark Patrick Lodes

Not running until 2014 but just wanted to let you know where I stand. Thanks for all you do.

–John Lamping

I am leaving my seat as a Congressman to run for Senate because the Federal Government has overstepped its constitutional bounds and is spending future generations into debt. I am rated the most conservative Congressman in MO and we need a US Senate with conservatives who are serious about cutting the government back. I am Pro-Life, support traditional marriage and strongly support our Second Amendment rights. Notes: Q1 &2 are really State level and not Federal Government. I strongly support State’s rights and will work to prevent funding with strings. Q4 we should eliminate the Department of Education.

–Todd Akin

Sending the same political families to DC year after year is not working. Healthcare and insurance for every American is a big issue. I have worked with health insurance over 25 years. Our federal debt is out of control. Small Main Street businesses need the same breaks that big businesses get. We need sound money, our borders secured, and common sense. Career politicians seem to be there to protect their job, not represent the area. It is time to end pensions for elected officials; it should be an honor to serve. It is time for a fresh start.

–Robyn Hamlin