July 16, 2012

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Just How Bad Would a Second Obama Term Be?

If you believe that 92 percent of people need to have most aspect of their lives managed by experts, then a second Obama term will make you happy.


If, however, you believe in self-governance, that people are endowed by God and nature with the capacity and unalienable right to manage their own affairs, then a second Obama term will be a massive human rights violation.

Consider what the Obama administration has already brought us:

  * He has appointed bureaucrats to make your medical decisions
  * He has given himself the sole authority to strike down laws passed by Congress
  * He has taken upon himself the authority to create laws that Congress specifically refused to pass
  * He has deployed drones to spy on Americans without a warrant
  * He has denied private companies the permission to seek and recover fuel
  * He has encouraged violence against the hardest working Americans
  * He has encouraged illegal aliens to steal our things
  * He has disparaged the Constitution as “fundamental flawed document”
  * He has seized control of private companies
  * He has damaged America’s credit rating
  * He has exploited racial tension for his own advantage
  * He has undermined small business

So, how bad would a second Obama term be?  Frankly, I think it would end the United States of America has we know it.

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