April 23, 2012

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New York Times Admits It's Basically Obama's Campaign Newsletter

The only surprise here is that the NYT’s own ombudsman admits that the paper is Obama’s best friend:

Many critics view The Times as constitutionally unable to address the election in an unbiased fashion. Like a lot of America, it basked a bit in the warm glow of Mr. Obama’s election in 2008. The company published a book about the country’s first African-American president, “Obama: The Historic Journey.” The Times also published a lengthy portrait of him in its Times Topics section on NYTimes.com, yet there’s nothing of the kind about George W. Bush or his father. [emphasis added]

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/new-york-times-gets-shredded-for-its-pro-obama-slant-by-its-own-ombudsman-2012-4#ixzz1spJslQgK

Another reason why few people get worked up when Democrats stuff ballot boxes in key swing states.