April 16, 2012

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“[N]o one did it like Breitbart”

Last night, someone asked me, “who’s the most influential person in your iPhone contacts?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Breitbart’s dead.”

Andrew-Breitbart David Carr writes in New York Times about the Life and Death of Andrew Breitbart.

Be advised that neither Carr nor NYT shares our political beliefs. And the tactics they cheer from the left, they attack when from the right. Funny how when Karen Finney lies about Mitt Romney, it’s good journalism. When Andrew exposes evil at ACORN, it’s invective.

Still, it’s testimony to Andrew’s short life that NYT would give him many inches of space (where once there was advertising).

Read the story. And say a prayer the rest of us can fill the vacuum, even if no one can replace him.