April 15, 2012

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A Former Governor and a Famous St. Louis Lawyer Indicted for Illegal Contributions to Democrat Party, and A Law Firm Changes Names in Mid-Quote

Everyone else is writing about the news that former Missouri Democrat Governor, Roger Wilson and local lawyer Ed Griesedieck Jr. were indicted on federal fraud charges today.

The two allegedly made contributions to the Democrat Party (legal), and reimbursed themselves out of Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company’s coffers (illegal).

But that’s not the weird part.  After all, election fraud is the Democrats’ principal form of amusement.

The weird part is the statement from Griesedieck’s law firm. In the statement, the firm changes spelling of its name in the middle of a paragraph from St. Louis Business Journal:

Ed Griesedieck, Roger Wilson indicted by feds - Politics Business Journal

I’m sure it’s just a typo by the BizJournal.com—like the 1.2 million typos I’ve committed on this blog in the past 12 years.  But I couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. Crebs was so appalled by the scandal that he changed his name to Krebs.