March 20, 2012

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Go Vote in Illinois

Go vote, please. Please. Vote now. Don’t Put It Off!!

Did you know that ObamaCare is my fault?

Of course, it is. Read my story below the clock.


**I didn’t vote in 2006. You know why? **

I put it off.

I decided not to stop on my way to work in the morning. Why? _I’ll have plenty of time tonight, _I thought. I’ll stop on my way home.

But guess what.

An emergency at work. I didn’t get out until 6:30.

I still had time, but it was raining. And there was major construction on my default path home. And between the rain and traffic and dark and leaves, two cars collided.

I got to the polling place—drove past it—at 7:18.

What happened?

Nancy Pelosi became Speaker. The economy tanked. Obamacare passed.

Blame it on me.

**Just don’t burden yourself with guilt like mine. **

Vote early. Carry out your duty. Exercise your privilege.


**And vote for Rodger Cook for Congress in IL-12. **