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Jason Plummer Steps In It

When you’re the Republican Establishment’s candidate, you have one simple assignment: don’t screw up.

Jason Plummer, a 29-year-old lumber heir, is the GOP Establishment’s appointed candidate for US Congress in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District. He’s facing a shockingly tough race from former police detective and former Belleville Mayor, Rodger Cook. (Never underestimate a detective’s tenacity.)

In a debate last week, Plummer failed his one simple assignment. Despite a nearly unlimited war chest from his family’s fortune and the Illinois GOP treasury, Plummer said something stupid.

**Jason Plummer accused FamilyPAC of taking bribes. **

FamilyPAC is one of the most active conservative political action committees in Illinois. Republicans for every office look to the organization for its pro-life stamp of approval.

Plummer failed to impress FamilyPAC’s endorsement when he ran for Lieutenant Governor 2010. According to the stltoday.com, Paul Caprio, head of FamilyPAC, was unimpressed with Plummer:

“I had the feeling he was green, politically,” Caprio said. “… I just came to the conclusion that this young man is not ready to be running for lieutenant governor.”
Read more: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/illinois/conservative-group-demands-apology-over-endorsements-for-cash-allegation/article_bdb4ca20-6d5c-11e1-995f-001a4bcf6878.html#ixzz1pHooDJWb

When Plummer failed to gain FamilyPAC’s nod, he went berserk according to Caprio:

“He was very irate. He was threatening, `I’m never going to forget this, I’m going to get back at you,’ ” said Caprio.

FamilyPAC appears poised to sue Jason Plummer for defamation, according to stltoday.com.

Plummer has also drawn criticism from grassroots groups for refusing to release his tax returns. He is the only candidate who’s refused to do so.

Rodger Cook has already earned Adam Andrzejewski’s praise, in part because of Rodger’s transparency. By highlighting the Rodger Cook’s maturity and integrity, Plummer’s latest gaffe may bring on even** more high-profile conservative endorsements for Cook**.

RebootCongress.com has Rodger Cook’s reaction to Plummer’s latest gaffe.

The Illinois Primary is next Tuesday, March 20. Rodger Cook and the other GOP candidates hope to replace long-time Democrate, Jerry Costello, who is retiring after this term.


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