March 4, 2012

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What Rush Limbaugh Could Teach Rush Limbaugh **UPATE**

What made Rush Limbaugh so amazing for 24 years was his steadfast resolve.  Face it, you have to believe what you believe title your books The Way Things Ought To Be and See, I Told You So.

Rush-Limbaugh His fans loved him because he never backed down.

Rush didn’t back down when the left went nuts over his “Obama, The Magic Negro” parody. He didn’t back down from his “hope Obama fails” statement.  Rush just doesn’t back down.

And that’s why we loved him.

But this time, he backed down.

This time, his enemies are dancing in the streets.

On March 3, Rush Limbaugh posted an apology to Sandra Fluke for using the word “slut.” He said it was the wrong word.

Rush’s apology didn’t top the bleeding; it just widened the gash.

Advertisers, who had been drifting away, sprinted for the door. The latest is Carbonite, a company that Rush’s advertising helped built. (Gratitude.) Carbonite’s weaselly CEO, David Friend, couldn’t take anymore whining from his 30 year-old daughters and pulled the plug.

**There are two lessons in all of this, both of which I learned from . . . wait for it . . . Rush Limbaugh.  **

First, never apologize for telling it like it is.  Apologize if you tell it like it isn’t, or if you’re simply wrong on the facts. But apologizing because the left doesn’t like what you say only encourages them to take you down.

Second, never a leftist an easy win.  The left lacks a single valid theory of human life, except domination by the cruelest. It relies on bullying, tyranny, demagoguery, lies, and hate to beat down the decent people, to cow the timid, and to vilify the noble brave.

When Rush apologized, he broke his own rules. The left has stepped up its attacks on him instead of saying “thanks.”  Leftists have no grace, no tact, no socially redeeming virtues.  Hell, they don’t believe in virtues.

For a quarter century, Rush Limbaugh was our pillar of strength whose brazen steadfastness fortified the timid.  I suspect the timid will look for a new pillar of strength, like puppies hiding under their mother’s belly.

After the shocking loss of Andrew Breitbart, we need Rush to come roaring back.

**UPDATE:  NYTimes reports that Rush’s enemies took his apology as a sign of weakness.

Emboldened by Rush Limbaugh’s public apology over the weekend to a law school student whom he had called a “slut” and a “prostitute,” critics of the radio talk show host are intensifying their online campaign against his advertisers.

It’s time to be #WithRush

**NOTE:  Between the time I wrote this and the time I posted it, a seventh advertiser, ProFlowers, dropped its ads from the Limbaugh show.