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America’s Economic Freedom Is Collapsing. Here’s What You Need To Know | Video

Yesterday, I blogged about freedom envy—the feeling Americans get when they look at countries where the people get freer every day.

Today, thanks to Economic Freedom blog, we have a great video to introduce the idea  of economic freedom.

Does that sound silly?  I mean, aren’t Americans born with an understanding of economic freedom?  And craving to preserve it?

Yes, we are.

But our schools, entertainment, press, and, above all, GOVERNMENT beats economic freedom out of us by the time we’re 14 years old.

It’s time to beat schools, entertainment, the press, and government into submission.  (Yes, I really typed that, you lefty pansies!)

You wanna fight back against the tyrants?  Then watch this video and follow the directions.

America is about to drop out of the top 10 nations in economic freedom.  And we invented the practice of economic freedom, by God!

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Author: William Hennessy

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