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Why Attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party

Yes, I’ve written about little else. The 3rd Anniversary Tea Party is something of an obsession with me. And for good reasons: * Obama is surging * Apathy has seized the right * America’s future hangs in the balance

But there’s a much bigger reason you—you, the person reading this blog—should attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party.

That reason is personal, powerful, and acute.

That reason is this:You cannot live with yourself if Obama wins and you failed to do everything in your power to stop him.

With your attendance at the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party assure Obama’s defeat? No.

Will your failure to attend guarantee his re-election? No.

But by actively participating in the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party, then following through on the things you learned, you can make a big difference. You might make THE difference.

Or your apathy might make a difference of another kind.

And I know you can’t live with that.

I don’t want anyone waking up the day after the election and saying, “I should have done more.”

That’s why I’m asking you to attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party.


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