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Why We Must Win

Think about what’s at stake: * The Supreme Court is one liberal away from imposing a radical, unwritten constitution on the United States * The President has shredded the Constitution by seizing the power to declare when the Senate is or is not in session * The United States has fallen many notches in world prestige * We can no longer fight wars on two fronts * The White House and Democrats in the Senate block every attempt at increasing domestic energy production * Our debt is approaching Greece’s catastrophic levels * The economy, after nearly four years, is flat on its back * America is losing ground on every front * And Obama made it worse

Only you can prevent the collapse of the United States.

And I’m proud that St. Louis Tea Party Coalition is there to help us get started.

In commemoration of the third anniversary of the Tea Party movement, St. Louis is joining dozens of Tea Party organizations around the country in kicking off a year of getting out the vote and getting better people in office.

In St. Louis, February 24 and 25 kick off our year of winning.

Friday, February 24

Dr. Larry Schweikart will discuss 7 Events That Made America America. Dr. Schweikart is the New York Times Bestselling author of Glenn Beck’s favorite history book, A Patriot’s History of the United States.

He’s also a documentarian who documented rock and roll’s role in bringing down the Berlin Wall and breaking up the Evil Empire.

For the price of a good book, you’ll get to meet Dr. Schweikart, hear his fabulous and entertaining message, and enjoy a free drink (plus cash bar) and heavy hors d’oeuvres. We’ll hang around and party as late as you want to go after Dr. Schweikart.

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Saturday, February 25

It’s all learning and training. By 5:00 Saturday night, you’ll be armed, eager, and enabled to carry out the fight for the United States’ future. You’ll be an elite warrior for liberty.

We’ll have speakers discussing social media campaigning, canvassing, the psychology of voting (you’d be surprised how powerful one person can be), how dominate in the upcoming Missouri Presidential Caucus, and more.

Saturday’s events include breakfast and lunch. We’re asking for a $50 donation for Saturday to help pay for some of the training, transportation for out-of-town speakers, and meals. Bill Federer, one of St. Louis’s finest conservative speakers and political experts, will entertain and inform at lunch. And Dr. Schweikart will be available, too. If you don’t know Bill, check out his American Minute radio show.

And, if she’s willing, we’ve invited Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to debate the US Constitution on Saturday. I’d personally love to see what Bill Federer and Dr. Schweikart would make of her … “intellect.”

**Your best bet is to get the whole weekend—Friday and Saturday—for $65. **

Register for 3rd Anniversary Tea Party PLUS
7 Events That Made America America with Dr. Larry Schweikart in Clayton, MO  on Eventbrite

The location is the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton—where we kicked off The After Party on September 15.

This Is Why We Started This Thing

When we first gathered at the Arch on February 27, 2009, we didn’t know where it go. We faithfully followed the path that emerged before us. We took on healthcare, we took on cap and trade, we took on the SEIU and universities and media.

We made some mistakes, and we shined like the sun at times.

In 2010, we made a difference. Not enough of a difference, but a difference.

Now we’ve reached the crossroads of our civilization’s existence. Down one path lies the hard work for restoring sound government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.

Down the other path lies the harder work of living in a jungle of tyrannical lords amidst a broader social chaos.

Either way, there’s hard work to be done. If you join the 300 on February 24 and 25, you’ll choose the hard work of restoring a better society. The other choice will seem easier … until the barbarians knock.

Space is limited. Get your tickets early.

Register for 3rd Anniversary Tea Party PLUS
7 Events That Made America America with Dr. Larry Schweikart in Clayton, MO  on Eventbrite


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