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Hennessy’s View of 2011

Here are the top Hennessy’s View posts of each month of 2012, scientifically selected by … me.



The Gabrielle Giffords shooting by lunatic Jerod Lee Loughner was the biggest news event of the month. The cynically attempted to use the tragedy for political gain. The left failed.


The Arab Spring began last winter. When Mubarak was on the ropes in Egypt, some questioned whether or not his fall would be good for the region and the world. Other questioned whether it would be good for Egyptians. Still others blindly rooted for Mubarak’s death. These last were the American Idiots. I suppose they’re still cheering the de-Christianization of Egypt.


If you look at the world as a fixed pie, you begin fighting others for your piece. If you see the world as a limitlessly growing pie, you join others and get about baking.


I went to the Tucson Tea Party with Jim Hoft and Dana Loesch. I met Larry Schweikart, author o A Patriot’s History of the United States and other great books and movies.


Benjamin Hennessy graduated from high school. I love all my children, but this was very special accomplishment for Ben. And the school’s approach demonstrated what education could be in the United States, if we have get over the 19th century factory model.


Obama made it worse.


What’s your FICA score? For Millennials, your payroll taxes are a sign of things to come. Don’t be fooled by temporary FICA breaks—you’ll pay in the end and the through the teeth.


Warren Buffett wrote an ill-advised op-ed calling for higher taxes on the rich. Months later, he sued the government to avoid paying back taxes on his businesses. Never take tax advise from a man who stands to make billions if high taxes drive investors toward annuities. (Buffett owns lots of insurance companies.)


The St. Louis Tea Party kicked off its After Party program: a 12-month project to repair the fabric of society. Big goal? You bet. But we can do it. After all, we’re Americans.


Occupy Wall Street’s celebration of defecation had just begun.


The Republican Establishment begins asserting itself violently against the Tea Party movement.


Finally, I ended 2012 with a 4-part series on what we can learn from Charles Dickens’s classic, A Christmas Carol.

So that’s my list. You can see my archives here—by Date, Category, or Word Cloud. But I’d really like to see your list to top stories of 2011. Use the comments box below.

Thanks and Happy New Year,

Bill Hennessy


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