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7 Questions for Candidate Forums

The quality of the answers you get in life depend on the quality of the questions you ask.

Sometimes, though, when offered the chance to ask important questions, we ask questions about personal gain or immediate problems. That’s natural. Our brains are wired to prompt us with the urgent, immediate things in our lives.

But sometimes that’s not the best strategy.  Sometimes we need answers to the bigger questions–questions that may be crucial later.

When candidates for office stand before us, our questions must rise to the this higher level.  We are conservatives who support candidates for the long term good of the country and of humanity, not for our own immediate gain.

So here are seven questions every candidate should answer. Or try to:

  1. What situation might be so frightening or embarrassing that you would put your own pride or career before the good of your constituents?  (Follow up) Have you have done this in the past?
  2. Do you think you deserve to win this election?
  3. Besides your staff and volunteers, who will you owe--big time--if you win?
  4. When will you know it's time to give up and come home?
  5. Who asked you not to run and what reason did they give?
  6. By what measure will know you've accomplished your mission?
  7. Why do you want this job?

I know these questions are not super specific.  Some of them will get more platitudes than honest, considered answers.  That’s okay.

These questioned, posed to candidates in a public forum, will make people think about some important, transcendent matters.

That’s a big accomplishment for the men and women in a free society.

Bonus Question:  Forty House Republicans agreed to help Democrats raise taxes, Missouri Republicans Billy Long and Jo Ann Emerson included. If you were a member of the 112th Congress, would that number have been forty-one?


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