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You Could Be Saving a Life

The daily news about Joplin has faded.

The turmoil remains.

The list of desperately needed items is shorter, but the need is more acute than ever.

Please help.

If you can, please bring NEW items for Joplin to Sky Music Lounge Thursday, November 17, between 7 and 10 pm.
Please bring ONLY items on this list.  Rob Brenner will make sure they get where they’re desperately needed.

  * Space Heaters
  * Canned Goods
  * Cleaning Supplies
  * Blankets

Again, these should be NEW items in their original packaging.  Rob will shuttle the items shortly after the After Party on the 17th.  You may donate without staying for The After Party.

Our continued thanks and appreciation to Rob Brenner for his yeoman efforts in Joplin after months of work in Alabama.  Rob would love nothing more than for us to overload him with kindness on Thursday.

P.S. You do not have to be a Tea Partier to help out.


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