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How Herman Cain Can Win

Do conservative politicians believe in America and in liberty?  Or do they believe in their own grand plans?  We’re about to find out.

With Christie out of the race, the money will flood toward the establishment guy, Romney. In other words, the race will be over before Thanksgiving. Romney will be the GOP candidate.  Whether he beats Obama is a coin flip.

Romney will in the nomination, unless conservatives put country before pride. If conservatives are serious about winning, about slapping both the progressives and the establishment Republicans, there’s a simple solution:  every conservative candidate needs to drop out and throw in with the only conservative who has a chance.  That’s Herman Cain.

What should happen is simple. Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum drop and throw their support behind Cain.  Sarah Palin announces she’s not running and asks her supporters to back Cain.  Later (Thanksgiving-ish) Rick Perry drops and throws his support behind Cain.

Ron Paul can hang around.  He won’t gobble up a bunch of money, and he’ll keep some important issues front and center–issues like the 10th Amendment and the problems with the Fed.

This sets up a head-to-head battle of Grassroots vs. GOP Establishment.  I’ll put my money on the grassroots.

Question is, will the conservatives have the humility to drop out and support Cain?  I doubt it.  But I hope they prove me wrong.

What do you think?

HotAir reports that a CBS Poll puts Cain in first place for the first time.


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