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Who Else Wants To Know About Aerotropolis?

Aerotropolis on Prezi

With thanks to Show-Me Institute for their wonderful research.

Points to remember:

  * The China Hub is not dependent on Aerotropolis
  * The [author of the plan thinks it will fail](https://www.showmedaily.org/2011/07/aerotropolis-author-doesnt-think-saint-louis-proposal-will-work.html)
  * St. Louis has 18 million square feet of empty warehouse space right now
  * Aerotropolis would [hurt many companies](https://www.showmedaily.org/2011/06/air-cargo-expet-hammers.html) who have vacant warehouse space
  * Aerotropolis would transfer $360 million tax dollars to just two entities: a private developer and the City of St. Louis
  * No one knows if or [how many jobs Aerotropolis might create](https://www.showmedaily.org/2011/06/eco-devo-madlibs-so-are-5000.html).  Even the RCGA has released 3 separate guesses
  * Most Missouri Legislators are clueless about the bill—but your State Rep voted for it, anyway.
  * More bad news about [Aerotropolis at Show-Me Institute](https://www.showmedaily.org/index.php?s=aerotropolis)


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