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Chip Wood Property Tax Assessments St. Louis County Assessor

Did you know that there’s an election on April 5? And it’s just as important an election as last November’s historic election.



This time, you and I have the job to elect Chip Wood for County Assessor.* Here’s why.

In 2010, voters created an elected assessor’s office in St. Louis County. The Republicans pushed for this new office because of corruption, abuse, and waste in the County Assessor’s office under Charlie Dooley. The GOP convinced voters that St. Louis County needed an assessor who was accountable, not to Dooley, but to the people.

And the GOP was right.

In the race for the new, elected assessor’s office, Chip Wood is the only real choice. His opponent wants to stay the course, continuing the corruption fostered under Charlie Dooley. IN other words, the Democrat wants to use property tax assessments to fund the Democrat machine.

Chip Wood is different. He’s a political outsider, running as a Republican, but with very little help from the state or county Republican party. Chip is life-long real estate expert who has a well crafted plan to re-engineer the County Assessors office, eliminating corruption and waste. Chip Wood will make a human being accountable to YOU for YOUR property tax bill. That’s right– Chip Wood will let you deal with a person with a name and face. His opponent wants you to argue with a computer.

Why is that so important? Because under Charlie Dooley’s regime, St. Louis County has 3 to 5 times the number of property tax assessment complaints as most counties our size. That’s because of the neglect, corruption, and lack of personal accountable in the assessor’s office.

On April 5, vote Chip Wood for St. Louis County Assessor.

I’m Bill Hennessy, and no one authorized or approved this message but me.

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