McCaskill’s Call to Fight

I’m getting a lot of requests to pump news about Claire McCaskill’s comments to Democrats. According to Brian R. Hook of Missouri Watchdog, McCaskill gave Democrats a set of instructions very similar to those I usually give at the end of Tea Party rallies.  (Only Claire’s instructions seem a bit less human than mine.)

Some national political scientists believe McCaskill’s Senate seat is one of the most vulnerable in 2012. 

Republicans Sarah Steelman and Ed Martin Jr., who came within an eyelash of upsetting Russ Carnahan in last year’s race for Missouri’s 3rd US Congressional District, have announced their candidacies for the right to oppose McCaskill. 

A primary challenge for McCaskill is not out of the question, but no Democrats have offered to challenge McCaskill so far.

Author: William Hennessy

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One Commnet on “McCaskill’s Call to Fight

  1. Claire chose to represent Barack Obama (who never lived in Missouri) instead of representing me (a native Missourian) when I asked her to do her job. She repeated told me of her enthusiasm to work with the Obama administration, and she said nothing about addressing my concerns.

    I advised her to not seek re-election. If Sarah and Ed need help in my area, I’ll try to find some time to campaign.

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