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Friday Happy Hour

Dana Loesch on facebook gave kudos to Missouri State Senators Nieves and Lembke for fighting a federal bribe to the states.

Major props to Brian Nieves and Jim Lembke for their continued commitment to conservatism in the MO Senate with HB 163 - refusing federal funds for another unemployment extension that costs taxpayers $81 million. They’re standing their ground against some of their fellow GOP who need to be reminded what fiscal conservatism is. Bravo.

I join Dana. For the second time this year, these two have stood guard against more federal borrowing against my kids.


Please call or write the Senators to thank them for their principled courage. And if you don’t have the good fortune of living in one of their districts, call or write your Senator and asking him or her to join Nieves and Lembke in their fight against Washington bribes.

Senator Brian Nieves: (573) 751-3678 Brian.Nieves@senate.mo.gov

Senator Jim Lembke; (573) 751-2315 EMail


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