*CORRECTED* You Can Help Right a Massive Wrong

*CORRECTION & APOLOGY* I am so sorry to you and to Senator Eric Schmitt for misrepresenting his position on HB466.  Senator Schmitt’s office tells me that he has no intention of filibustering this bill. He went on to say that he agrees in principle with the bill’s intent and may actually support it, depending on the language. 

Please accept my apology and help me make it right.  Please call or write Senator Schmitt’s office (below) and tell him Thank You.  Thanks for letting HB466 come to a vote, thanks for remaining open to supporting the bill, and thanks for graciously accepting Hennessy’s apology for jumping the gun.

**Original Story**

How would you feel if your employer took money from your paycheck and gave it to a candidate you despised or an issue you opposed?

I’d be outraged if someone used my money for their political ends.

The Missouri House is set to pass HB 466—a bill that would allow Missouri workers to decline participation in their unions’ political activities.

Yes, that’s right.  Currently, union workers are required to give their wages to candidates and causes they personally oppose.

HB 466 would right a terrible, un-America wrong.

The problem is that two Republican Senators say they intend to filibuster the bill when it gets to the Senate.

Does it make sense to that a politician of any party would oppose your right to support the candidates and causes of your choice?

Let’s help these two State Senators understand that we will not have our money pried from our wallets for causes we oppose.

Call or email these gentlemen RIGHT NOW and politely tell them: Do not filibuster or threaten to filibuster HB 466 in the Senate.

Eric Schmitt: (573) 751-2853 [email protected] *NOT FILIBUSTERING: See Top of Page*
Kevin Engler: (573) 751-3455 [email protected]

5 Follow Ups:

1.  After you call or email, go to twitter and facebook and post, “I asked #MO Senators Schmitt and Engler to let the senate decide HB466 http://bit.ly/g0zc9D

2.  Ask 5 friends to call, email, tweet, and post just like you did.

3.  Come back to this page and comment on what you’ve done.

4. If the Senators comply, support them.  Send a thank you note via email, and this note on twitter and facebook: “Thank you, Senator [name] for letting the Senate decide to protect #MO workers’ rights”

5.  If either or both Senators continues to threaten to filibuster, stand by.

Remember, it’s not enough to criticize when a politician does wrong.  We need to thank and support them when they do right.  They are, after all, people.

*UPDATE* I heard that Sen. Schmitt’s assistant seemed very surprised to hear about our concern.  I’d love to announce that I was wrong about my concern, and I will if Senator Schmitt announces he has no intention of filibustering.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

3 Comments on “*CORRECTED* You Can Help Right a Massive Wrong

  1. After forwarding Bill H’s article to my father and other conservatives I know I received this response from my father who also called those offices:


    I called both Senate Offices, and also forwarded your e-mail to a good conservative friend with loads of Tea Party Connections.

    Schmitt’s office claimed ignorance, saying that he had not yet read the bill and doesn’t know what is in it, therefore hasn’t made up his mind.

    Engler’s Legislative Assistant says that he also has not seen the House Bill but was against a “right to work” bill originating in the Senate. He also supposedly has not read the House Bill and has not decided how to vote on it.

    Both have seemingly backed off their positions of filibustering the bill to saying they are now undecided. Maybe feeling the heat might help them to see the light.


  2. Here is the email response I received from expressing concern of the GOP filibuster of this bill:

    My name is Shawn Furey and I am the Chief of Staff for Sen. Eric Schmitt.

    I want to address your concerns about Sen. Schmitt’s position on HB 466, the Paycheck Protection Bill. This bill has only just recently had a hearing in the House Committee on Workplace Development & Workplace Safety. It has not come up for a final vote in the House, nor has it been introduced in the Senate.

    Sen. Schmitt has never threatened to filibuster this proposal, and he actually agrees with it in principle. Because this bill has not yet come to the Senate, Sen. Schmitt has not had the opportunity to review the full substance of the bill, so I cannot speak definitively about his official stance on this version. I can, however, promise you that Sen. Schmitt has no intention of conducting a filibuster against this bill, nor has he ever.

    I do want to thank you for sharing your concerns about this topic. The senator is mindful that this is an important issue for many people, and he intends to carefully review this proposal and all other proposals that come before the Senate.

    Thank you,

    Shawn Furey

  3. Okay, folks. I’ve done my part. I email both senators, tweeted, and facebooked. I’ve asked 5 people to do the same. (Actually, I’ve asked the hundreds would will see this post and thousands who will see the tweets and facebook posts.)

    Please do the same. As I said, these are decent guys who deserve our help in keeping on the right path.

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