January 16, 2011

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GOP: Knock Off the Symbolic Crap

Just as in 2001, some Republicans are falling for Democrat mind games. In 2001, it was the shared leadership arrangement in the Senate, even thought the GOP had the majority because of the VP tie-break. This year, it’s beginning with “bi-partisan” seating at the State of the Union address.

I have one message for Republicans: Knock it the hell off.

When a Democrat offers to reach across the aisle, with very few exceptions, it’s to poison a Republican. In 2001, Democrats convinced Republicans to thwart the will of the people by letting the minority party run the show. In 2011, Democrats want the same thing.

On November 2, 2010, the American people handed the Democrats their own behinds on a silver platter. The left’s embarrassment and humiliation from that election has grown into a rage that resulted in last week’s failed attempt to blame conservatives for Jarod Lee Loughner’s murderous rampage in Tucson.

Having been discredited and humiliated in that failed attempt at propaganda, the left now wants to nullify the psychological effect of the SOTU seating chart. Two House GOP leaders—Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy—told Politico that they’re on board with this symbolic manure. Let’s tell them what we think of their idiotic plan to nullify the visuals of November 2.

Eric Cantor’s phone number: 804.747-4073

Kevin McCarthy’s phone: (202) 225-2915

Doug Powers (on Michelle Malkin’s blog) says it’ll all end with a pajama party.

Remember, that other party is the one libeling conservatives, accusing us of being accessories to murder.