I went to a memorial. . . and all I got was this lousy t-shirt *UPDATE* Michelle Malkin Reminds Us of Another Massacre Memorial

Obama Productions Inc.

Garish chic. No other way to describe it.

Where were the Greek columns?  No official sponsors?  Why not GM and Goldman Sachs?

While Obama’s speech was appropriate and well delivered—his best since taking office—the crass and tasteless setting, the shouting and cheering, the lack of dignity and solemnity, will mark this event as an embarrassment to the country and an affront to the families and victims.  Step one of triangulation is admitting that your base is a bunch of wacked out hatemongers.

By way of contrast:

Ronald Reagan

No pomp.  No roaring crowds.

Instead of promising safety, Reagan reminded kids of the virtue of daring exploration.  “The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted,” he told the children.  “It belongs to the brave.”

Along with my prayers for the wounded, the fallen, and the families of all the victims, I pray that we overcome our fears.

Acting on our fears delays our certain deaths.  But acting on hope lets us live until our last day arrives.

*UPDATE*  Do you remember when President Bush went to Virginia Tech and got a whooping standing O?  Because it didn’t happen.  It was dignified.  Michelle Malkin has the video in case the White House needs a lesson in decorum.

Gateway Pundit says Obama distancing himself from the loonies who championed his election.

Author: William Hennessy

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  1. When Obama talks about civility, he is talking about censorship. The Statists want to silence the TRUTH tellers, the Tea Party and conservative talk radio.

  2. As a native of Arizona and wbo has always had a special place in my heart for Tucson and the University of Arizona, I am embarrassed. The University turned this into a pep rally. I agree with Bill, this was one of the best speech’s Our President has ever given and even he was taken back by all the hooting, shout outs, cheering, standing ovations.

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