Top 10 Stories of 2010

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2010 top stories top stories of 2010

This is my opinion, and it’s not all about politics. Nor are they necessarily in any particular order. Save for one. (You’ll see.)

* [Nancy Pelosi](, [Phil Hare](, and other Democrats admit their contempt for the US Constitution.** Barack Obama continues [bowing]( to tin-horn dictators . . . who really are his superiors.** Rep. Russ [Carnahan funnels millions of tax dollars]( to his family business.** The business world discovers “[gamification](,” an idea that will turn marketing upside in 2011.** Europe suffers [third consecutive frigid winter](** [Republicans gain 63 House seats]( to take it back after only two terms in the minority.** [Republicans gain six seats in the US Senate](, placing that body within easy striking distance for 2012.** Barack [Obama’s popularity hovers at 40 percent](, the traditional “point of no return.”** [Wikileaks embarrasses the White House]( and endangers intelligence operatives’ lives. But Obama only reacts because of the embarrassment.** [The Tea Party becomes a long-term movement](,28804,2036683_2037118_2037102,00.html) that continues to disrupt and surprise.   

That’s the top ten list. But the top story is not here.

**The top story of 2010: Republicans [gain more than 600 state legislature seats]( **

Why is that important? Because those new legislatures give the GOP a conservative bench to dominate national and state policy for generations.

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