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Special Thanks to American Majority

American Majority Action deserves a huge dose of the credit for Ed Martin’s tight race for Missouri’s 3rd district in 2010. But their ground help in September and October was only the tip of the iceberg.

Dana Loesch and I met American Majority back in April. Ned Ryun, the founder and president, asked us to speak at the group’s Post-Party Summit in Kansas City. The weekend was fabulous, informative, and fun. That’s a winning combination, especially the fun.

Ned kept in touch throughout the summer. St. Louis Tea Party helped coordinate American Majority training sessions which, in turn, helped spawn tea party and other grassroots organizations around the area, including the Southern Illinois Tea Party.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpuK0XmCVpM&hl;=en&hd;=1]

Testimonial from American Majority Post-Party Summit in KC

When election crunch-time arrived, American Majority Action was there. In addition to helping run our office on Hampton, they produced handouts, yard signs, and other materials to help in the campaign—materials far beyond STLTPC’s budget limits.

Most valuable, though, were AMA’s people. Beka Romm, Raz Shafer, Rachel Hassani, Austin James, and, of course, Ned Ryun are friends, leaders, and tireless workers. They made Ed’s race and the STLTPC their mission and passion.

Moreover, through AMA’s efforts and evangelism, young volunteers from Arkansas and other states poured into St. Louis the last week before the election for the final drive. They knocked on thousands of doors, talked to thousands of voters, and spurred on the natives to push a little harder.

In my view, American Majority is the most promising of young, new education and action organizations in the country. Ned and his crew deserve our thanks. They helped St. Louis, and they continue to advance the cause of liberty.

Please take a moment to add your name to their New Leaders project. And, if you are able, drop a few coins in their bucket. They do great work.


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