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The Courage of Roy Blunt

When  you vote for a candidate for high office, sometimes you do so with fingers crossed. You just don’t know how they’ll handle the new responsibilities.  Will they succumb to pressure and influence?  Or will they remain true?

Luckily for us, Senator-elect Roy Blunt showed his courage in a recent Wall Street Journal article about the Tea Party and the GOP.

In a year when voters overwhelming demanded changes to business as usual in Washington, Roy Blunt showed he has the rectitude to stand strong for the tried and true practices of obfuscation, political double-speak, and deflection.

Take earmarks.  The Tea Party’s Contract From America demanded that Congress ban earmarks from deficit budgets and require full disclosure for earmarks at all other times.  Will Roy Blunt bow to the fanatical will of the people by swearing off earmarks?

Hell, no.  For that matter, to demonstrate his brave adherence to the Washington party line, Roy won’t even give a firm answer to the question.  In an era when meaning what you say and saying what you mean is treasured, Senator-elect Blunt is unafraid to dodge the earmark question by pointing out that Ron Paul requests many earmarks for his district in Texas. From WSJ:

"Rand [Paul] doesn’t agree with his dad on that. His dad is a leading advocate of earmarks on this side of the building. I’ll let the Pauls work that out and then I’ll see where they come down." We share a laugh over that.

Now that’s spine. Encourage a little domestic dispute to determine the fate of earmarks.

Any run-of-the-mill Tea Party politician might have given the simple, easy answer.  For example, “You know, I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to requesting earmarks.  But with the trillions in debt and with the new understanding that our spending is destroying America’s future, I’m going to support the tea party’s Contract and co-sponsor legislation severely curtailing earmarks.  In fact, I think we should ban them altogether from budgets with a projected deficit.”

Yes, an answer like that is cowardly.  It panders to the sentiments of 60 percent of  the people who sent Roy to Washington.  And such a straightforward answer wimpishly admits complicity in the monstrous national debt. Who wants leaders to take responsibility for their actions?  

Congratulations to Roy Blunt for showing the testicularity to pretend the Tea Party never happened.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expertLatest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016)Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016)I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.

22 Comments on “The Courage of Roy Blunt

  1. That’s right Andrea! No surprise that RINO ROY would single out the most conservative politician of our time and use that highly respectable person as a shield/distractor from his own sorry voting habits. That’s typical liberal behavior… as is voting for bank bailouts, No Child Left Behind, etc, etc. I’m not defending Ron Paul for using earmarks, but until earmarks are outlawed for everyone and every state it’s only realistic to try and get your share for your constituants. Otherwise, one state is dishing out more and more federal taxes to pay for projects in other states while not recouping any of those taxes themselves. And, unlike RINO ROY, I’m pretty confident that Ron Paul would not be using earmark dollars in a corrupt manner. And yes, we should all be watching, but the reality is that at the end of the day we only have one individual vote/voice. If we do not use that one vote on the best candidate on the ballot we render our one vote and one vote useless. If we vote as we’re “instructed” to vote, we allow “others” to determine the outcome of elections. That is why we’re where we are now…. and have been for many decades! That makes us sheople! Lemmings! Cowards! Slaves! I get so sick and tired of hearing so-called Americans bad mouth their fellow citizens that refuse to vote for one of the two statist in the one party disguised as two party system! An individual should be commended for voting no matter who or what party they vote for as long as they voted their conscience. Democrat, republican, libertarian, constitution, conservative, green, independant, other or even write in your mama!… but vote! And vote for who “you” want to vote for! Period! That is being a “True American!” And to say otherwise is UNAMERICAN!

  2. Roy Blunt wants to point out that Ron Paul is an advocate of earmarks for his people in Texas. Did Roy Blunt bother to point out that whatever money isn’t used is sent back?? Nah, didn’t think so.

    Did Roy Blunt bother to mention that Ron Paul refused to accept the ‘lifetime’ pension for members of congress when he retired the first time? Nah, didn’t think so.

    Did Roy Blunt bother to mention that Ron Paul votes Pro-Constitution EVERY SINGLE TIME? Nah, didn’t think so.

    Roy Blunt is a weasle that planned (the entire time) to say ONE thing to the Tea Party, while all along planning to do something else that will benefit him alone.

    Roy Blunt is a POS (albeit a smaller POS than Carnahan), but a POS nonetheless. We need to be extremely diligant in watching him and ‘calling him out’ on his lies and anti-Constitutional voting.

    Now is NOT the time to relax and feel good about this past election…we need to let our elected public servants know that we are watching…always.

  3. I posted two comments earlier this morning and they’re not here now. I don’t know if I’m being censored here or not, but I certainly hope that is not the case. I’ll see if my comments are again removed or not. In “my opinion”, it is cowardly to not walk into a voting booth and vote for the candidate that you support simply because all of the pundants, media, sell outs and sheople at the water cooler are telling you that you’re “throwing your vote away.” I don’t care who anyone votes for(although I would prefer they all voted for my candidate), as long as they’re voting thier conscience and principle. If you love, worship or adore some scum bag, democrat, republican or whatever, and are man/woman enough to admit it…. so be it. But, if you’re voting for someone “other” than the candidate you back personally, you’re a sell out and a coward. Period! We will NEVER take back our government or “reform” either of the two major parties as long as we continue to vote like lemmings and play by their rules. They will continus to stick a statist on both tickets for as long as we’re stupid enough to keep voting for “the lesser of two evils” the manipulate us into voting for. Duh! Why is that so hard for our brainwashed society to understand? All of the money, campaigning, “hard work” and rhetoric in the world would not determine the outcome of elections if “We The people” simply started voting like Americans, not lemmings! Sure, you’ll lose elections…. but we do anyway! The problem with this insanity of repeating the same thing with the same results is that even when we win we lose! RINO’s are democrats! get that through your heads! They should be nominated for the democratic party and push out the damn liberal, socialist, communist, marxist jerks! The Tea Party should have nominated/endorsed Roy Blunt for the democratic ticket and Purgason for the republican ticket in the damn primaries as an example! Instead, we have a Tea Party that is derailing the “hard work” of millions of tea partiers and conservatives that are trying to take back this country and turning all of those efforts into a GOP band wagon! Bullshit! If we’re simply going to continue to vote “collectively” for RINO’s into the republican party, what’s the point? We might as well sit at home and continue to vote for whoever is showing off on the radio or TV tells us to! The result is virually the same! And yes the St. Louis tea Party did all but endorse Blunt and talk dowen Purgason for the entire election season leading up to the primaries, through the general elections and still now. And it matters not if they admit it or not. They did. Most of us know it! Heard it! Saw it! Discussed it! Let’s not repeat that next time around please. Don’t be a coward or a lemming. If you truly supported Roy Blunt in your heart and mind, I am not referring to you. I’m referring to the people that held their noses and voted for him. Be part of the solution, not the problem next time. Let the chips fall where they may. Thank you and god bless.

  4. And…. in my opinion, a person that walks into a voting booth and votes for “anyone” other than the person they personally support because they are worried about “throwing their vote away” is a coward! A coward not in the manly sense, but as in being influenced or instructed in any way, by anyone in your decision. It’s called standing for your principles. It’s called doing what’s “right” even under pressure and going it alone. Then and only then will we see true “change” or “reform.” As Eric Holder said, “We’re a nation of cowards!” Einstein called what you sheople do insanity! Bye Bye Republic! Welcome to the USSA!

  5. As I’ve said all along, well before the primaries…. NO MORE RINO’s! Yeah sure, we’ll lose a few to the democrats. But to continue to vote for the RINO that is the “most electable” or the RINO with the “most money” just to keep the democrat from winning IS NOT going to take back our government OR “reform” the GOP folks! As long as us morons continue to play by their rules and vote for whoever “they” stick in our faces, especially in the primaries, it will continue to be politics as usual and the progressive agenda will not only continue at varying paces depending on rather a damn republican or democrat wins, but we will also never REVERSE ANY OF THE DAMAGE THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE OVCER THE PAST 100 YEARS! And yes, the Saint Louis Tea Party as well a influencial voices on conservative radio and blogs constantly talked up Blunt while talking down Purgason the entire year leading up to the primaries and carried over right into the generals. Regardless of what anyone says, I will say now and in future races that if we all IGNORE the media and the sell outs, regardless of who they are, and simply vote our conscience in both the primary and general elections, “We The People” can start determining the outcome of elections, regardless of money or rhetoric. Vote like individuals, not collectively. Vote like Americans, not lemmings! REPEAL THE 17TH AMENDMENT NOW!

  6. I think that saying Ron Paul supports earmarks simplifies this issue too much.

    “I fear that some of my colleagues have forgotten that the abuses of the earmarking process are a symptom of the problems with Washington, not the cause. The root of the problem is an out-of-control federal budget,” believe Ron Paul.

    Rep. Ron Paul spends his time pushing for an audit of the fed and other issues that get the root of the problem rather than focusing so much time on only 1% of the budget that earmarks take up. (

    Moreover, Rand Paul is co-sponsoring legislation in the Senate to end earmarking…but Blunt has yet to do so…

    See this here:
    I think actions speak louder than words.

  7. Rand Paul, Senator elect from Kentucky is AGAINST Earmarks
    Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas is FOR earmarks

    Ron and Roy’s argument is that earmarks are the only way they can get some of your taxpayer money back to your district.

    Other reps who use earmarks have pointed out that they are a very very small part of the budget – less than 1% of the federal budget is spent on earmarks.

    Personally I am opposed to them, but we have much bigger issues confronting us.

    The LAME DUCK Congress is about to begin. Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. Watch out for Pelosi’s last stand.

  8. The tea party movement did not unite behind a candidate for the senate primary, therefore we are again left with someone others voted for and have to work with what we get. Hopefully we have learned this lesson to start working early to vet the best candidates and start endorsing them. Purgason did attend a statewide senate forum in Jeff City back in Feb ’10 hosted by the Franklin County Patriots, so saying he didn’t get off the couch until May is not true. We should have raised his name as the best conservative candidate, spread the news around the state, and called for more financial backing to help him. The tea parties just weren’t there for him, and I’ll be the first to admit it! I feel it’s a shame, and that we need to learn from this mistake. Two years to 2012 will be here before we know it, so NOW is the time to search for and vet our future state candidates by holding candidate forums and assist them financially. If the tea parties do not offer this service to the general public, then really…what good are we doing? Just my opinion, Bill.

  9. I understand that the St. Louis Tea Party didn’t officially endorse Blunt, but he was certainly a guest at the party. Maybe some prominent members of the Tea Party got a late wake-up call. Bygones. Going ahead, I hope he’ll feel relenting heat from the Tea Party. In fact, I hope it becomes a central focus of your efforts and ours. This article is a start.

  10. Hold his and Rand Paul’s feet to the fire.
    They have already started laughing at Tea Partiers and others as winers….well, keep wining. It’s bound shortly, to become a roar.

  11. I am hoping if enough people call and email Blunt about his choices that he will realize we are watching. I emailed my own letter to his office and encourage everyone to do the same. I did vote for Purgason in the primary, but we now have Blunt who is supposed to represent us. Let’s keep pointing that out to him.

  12. Here, here! Well said!

    I was a Thompson supporter too but he just didn’t fire up a true campaign. Too bad.

    And you’re completely correct with the Robin Carnahan / next Elena Kagan thing! Hope we dodged a BIG bullet with at least getting someone in (Blung) we have a chance at reasoning with.

  13. I had a feeling Roy would do this, but just not this early in the game. What the Tea Party now needs to do is point out every single vote he makes…as many meetings as we can learn of with financial supporters…and Roy’s entire public record and use it as the measuring stick as to whether he is being fiscally responsible and supporting a Constitutional Government, or if he’s just going back to Washington to fulfil his own personal agenda. The truth will be what determines his future as a Senator.

  14. I love it when something that lacks the nerve even to use its real name calls me a coward.

    For the record, Purgason was a casual candidate who barely rose from his sofa before May of 2010. He was seeking the highest legislative office in the land at a time of massive national economic and political danger. If he believed he was the right man for the job, then he had a moral obligation to put aside other things and fight for it. He did not.

    By contrast, Roy Blunt campaigned for over two years in 114 counties shaking hands in “every diner in Missouri,” as a blogger put it( Purgason had no chance of winning the primary and less of winning the general. He simply didn’t want it bad enough.

    In 2007 and 2008, I supported Fred Thompson. I made hundreds of calls and helped raise hundreds of dollars for his campaign. You know why he lost? Because he didn’t work hard. He coasted. McCain worked harder.

    Perhaps you could live with yourself had Robin Carnahan cast the deciding vote to put the next Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court. I could not.

  15. Were it not for the cowardice of the St. Louis Tea Party, Chuck Purgason would now be a U.S. Senator, and you can be that he would be against earmarks.

  16. I don’t know about you, Bill, but I knew EXACTLY what I was buying into when I held my nose and voted for Blunt! I certainly wasn’t going to send another Carnahan to DC. You can bet your sweet bippy, though, that his email is burning!

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