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Tea Party to Congress: Pack Up, Get Out

The clock is ticking on dozens of Democrat congressional careers. And a band of activists in Missouri are helping the losers move.

Operation “Pack Up and Get Out” struck the offices of Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO) today. Carnahan is struggling to hold off Republican challenger Ed Martin, an original Tea Partier whose campaign has energized Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District.

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“Pack Up and Get Out” delivered 300 moving boxes to the Congressman’s offices in Brentwood, Missouri. Behind the door, Carnahan’s people could be heard panicking. “Don’t open the door,” one voice said.

Later, a Carnahan staffer named Jeremy denied that Pack Up and Get Out had been there. A St. Louis Tea Party volunteer asked Jeremy, “are those boxes from Pac k Up and Get Out?”

“No,” responded the staffer. The words “Pack Up Get Out” were plainly stamped on each box.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH6Xa2y-u-s&hl;=en&hd;=1]

Rep. Russ Carnahan’s 3rd District Office, Brentwood, MO

Jeremy’s obvious lie comes as no surprise. Like the Obama White House and the Pelosi-Reid Congress, Russ Carnahan and his staff have shown a marked disconnect from reality for some time. Carnahan’s office falsely accused St. Louis Tea Party of dumping a coffin on the Congressman’s front lawn. Carnahan’s office let St. Louis media blame the Tea Party for a fire bombing at his campaign office in the summer of 2010. It turned out the suspect was a former Carnahan staffer and Democrat activist. Back in 2009, Carnahan unwittingly launched the nationwide town hall protests when his inept and bumbling performance at a healthcare town hall brought loads of laughter from his constituents. Video from the event when viral, and a wave began.

When Congress and the Obama administration crammed healthcare reform down America’s throat, that wave became a tsunami—a tsunami that breaks across the country on November 2.

Millions of tea partiers hope that Carnahan will need those boxes to Pack Up and Get Out–Carnahan and 60 or so other Washington politicians who have abandoned the ideals of liberty and self-government by imposing onerous debts and trifling rules across surface of American society.

The Tea Party message is simple: Pack Up and Get Out.


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