October 12, 2010

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The Candidate Who Doesn’t Want You to Know Her

Political candidates want to meet everyone. “If people would just meet me,” they say, “they’ll realize I’m a regular . . .” guy/gal/tea partier/whatever. This seems a good thing—willing to stand before the voters and be judged.

Missouri’s State Auditor, Susan Montee might want to keep her name, her history, and her record out of the spotlight. That’s because Susan Montee is about as hard left as you get.

Here’ just a sample:

Questionable Ethics

Montee shocked an AP reporter by stating she intended to “front-load” audits before the election. Apparently, Ms. Montee feels political intimidation will help her campaign against Republican Tom Schweich. But David Lieb, the AP reporter, points out Montee’s blatant ethics problem:

Did Montee really line up audits for release in the final few weeks before the election?

No, Montee responded when asked about Friday if the public should expect a burst of audits before the Nov. 2 election in which she faces Republican Tom Schweich.

So why did she suggest she did during the Obama fundraiser?

“Why not?” she responded. “I was just saying I’m trying” to work hard in the job.

“If I could actually control it in the way that could make political sense, I’d look at it,” Montee said. “But I can’t actually do that.”

Loves Obama

Susan Montee was Missouri first state-wide office holder to endorse Barack Obama in 2007. In fact, Montee abandoned Missouri for months campaigning for Obama against Hillary Clinton.

Montee also led the Obama Truth Squad in Missouri—a dangerous and corrupt operation in which Democrat law enforcement officers vowed to target Obama’s opponents, including private citizens, for speaking out against Obama’s plans to “fundamentally transform” American society.


Montee’s relatives were awarded two license fee offices. Has she audited that transaction?

And there’s more. But that’s enough for now.

Susan Montee is an entrenched, hard-left liberal who is willing to abuse her office to shut down opposition voices. That’s called tyranny, and that’s what the United States was formed to prevent.

While many conservatives supported Allen Icet in the primary, the choice on November 2 is clear to me. You have a pro-life fiscal conservative in Tom Schweich or the woman who claimed Barack Obama is the best representative of Missouri values.

Wait . . . that’s a not a choice after all. Tom Schweich is the only viable candidate who represents Missouri values. His qualifications for auditor are impeccable. With billions of stimulus dollars floating around and countless Jay Nixon and Susan Montee cronies to gobble them up, don’t you want a solid Republican auditor keeping them in check?