Let Some Things Go; Fight For Others

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Here’s a passage from a fine roman a clef:

[I]f the worst were to happen and a local armed militia were to descend on me and drive me out as a Jewish alien, their offense mainly would be against the Jew, not against the landowner. And in such a case my concern would be for the U.S. Constitution, not for my investment. The rooms, the rocks, the vegetation had no hold on my vital organs. If I were to lose it, I’d live elsewhere. But if the Constitution, the legal foundation of it all, were to be destroyed, we would return to the primal chaos

– Saul Bellow, Ravelstein

Saul Bellow and the subject of that wonderful novel, Allen Bloom, are gone. They these days coming, it seems. Allen Bloom’s 1987 masterpiece, The Closing of the American Mind, warned the world of the dangers posed by the modern American university.

But did we listen?

In tribute Bellow, a great American writer, and Bloom, a great American philosopher, let’s begin the hard work of turning back our descent into “primal chaos.”

We have 28 days until the election.

Give just one hour in the next 28 days toward phone banking, lit dropping, or Constitution distributing. Generations will thank you.

Visit 4512 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63109 to get started.

Time is running out.

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