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Generation Conflicted

In the tech world, I meet a lot of brilliant, ambitious, hardworking entrepreneurs. These folks are committed to their dreams, working 100+ hour weeks, and paying themselves as little as possible. They stretch investors’ dollars to the limit and hunt for more VC to make dreams come true. They want to create jobs and better lives for many.

Over drinks, these young capitalists talk about three things:

  1. Easier access to capital.

  2. Lower taxes so they can reinvest in the next generation of their products.

  3. An expansive, wealth-distributing, world government.


Yeah. These people who are sincerely and devotedly capitalistic about their own businesses are totally socialistic about everything else. Their top-shelf educations have thoroughly brainwashed them into believing that a start-up in Silicon Valley (or Cleveland) is not subject to Obama’s plan for unified world economic management.

We can win them over. Ask them if they would accept some professor’s point of view on whether or not their software idea was feasible. (They would not.) So why accept some History professor’s view of the world?

Make a deal: I’ll support lower taxes on entrepreneurs, if you’ll support less government regulation on small businesses. (Make them think.)

America leads the world in technology innovation (if not production) because we are free to pursue happiness. The young geniuses in Silicon Valley have access to VC because America produces wealth and lets (for the most part) the people decide how to invest that wealth.

As Obama’s policies worth through the economy, opportunities to start new businesses, to build new dreams, to design and create great stuff vanish. Let’s win the minds and hearts of the brightest, boldest innovators. They’ll fix Washington so they can get back to their dreams.


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