August 7, 2010

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On to November

The primaries are over.

I honestly believe that in the St. Louis area, the rightward-most, viable candidate won each of the key votes. The people of Missouri are in a position to make historical shifts in our Washington representation. And those shifts are just the first step and restoring America’s First Principles.

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Roy Blunt is a conservative.  He will be a big step up for conservatism in the Senate.  No, we wasn’t the rightward-most candidate in the race.  But he was the rightward-most, viable candidate.  He still is.  He is the only candidate to the right of Robin Carnahan who has any chance of winning.  Any chance at all. If you don’t work hard to get Roy elected, then don’t complain when Robin Carnahan is the 51st vote to put the next Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court.  This race could decide the life or death of the USA.  And Roy Blunt is the good guy in this very close race.

Ed Martin Jr. has the best chance to win the 3rd Congressional District in my lifetime.  He’s running against a weak, flawed, and frivolous empty suit named Russ Carnahan. Ed Martin is a solid conservative, an original Tea Partyer, and dedicated American patriot. Ed can reconstitute the Reagan Coalition in South St. Louis city and county and in Jefferson and Ste. Genevieve Counties.  I believe he will.  Ed is the kind of patriot, along with John and Gina Loudon and Jim Lembke, who took an enormous gamble by showing up at that first tea party in February 2009. Politicians avoid situations they don’t control, and none of those people knew me from Adam.  But Ed believed that his country needed him at that moment, just as it needed the other 1,500 people who gave up a day of work to stand for liberty, responsible government, and community. Now, Ed believes his country needs him in Washington.  I can’t think of a better person to represent the district where I grew up and where my mom and dad and sisters, nieces, nephews, and grand-nieces and nephews still live.

Tom Schweich took a lot of heat during the primary, but no one challenged his credentials for Missouri Auditor.  I was personally skeptical of Tom before I met him.  His only public service involved foreign service, working for the State Department at the UN and in Afghanistan. When we met for lunch, my doubts about his fitness for Auditor quickly disappeared. In fact, I got the sense that it was all Tom could do to restrain himself from running over to the bar and balancing the cash drawer. He has a lifetime of experience overseeing various kinds of corporate audits and criminal financial investigations. Who do you want auditing the disbursement of billions of dollars in stimulus funds?  Democrat Susan Montee?  Democrat Jay Nixon?  Turncoat Chris Koster who won’t even defend Missourians against Obama’s un-Constitutional insurance mandates? John Ashcroft doesn’t endorse RINOs, and Ashcroft has endorsed Schweich.

I was thrilled to see that Paul Curtman, running for Missouri’s 105th House seat received almost twice as many primary votes as his Democrat opponent.  But Paul has a lot of work to do before November, and he’ll need a lot of help.  If you want a viable strict Constitutionalist candidate for the US House or Senate down the road, you better be working for Paul Curtman this year.  He is the future.

Likewise, Gary Fuhr’s win in the Republican primary for MO 97 makes me happy, although a couple of other fantastic candidates were in that race.  Gary will make a great leader in Jefferson City if his friends and neighbors and primary opponents put him there.  He and Paul will make a great team.

There’s a lot more to cover, but I have work to do around the house.  And we’re all busy with preparations for the Biggest Tea Party St. Louis Ever Saw on 9-12 Under the Arch.  If you haven’t already done so, please RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends and family from anywhere to spend a patriotic weekend in St. Louis.  Our local economy can use the visitors.

I know that the passions of the primary are still with us, but we can’t sit around licking wounds or celebrating much longer.  We have thousands of doors to knock, dozens of rallies to attend, tens of thousands phone calls to make.  The Tea Party movement launched to change America’s future through a revolution at the ballot box.  I don’t give hoot in hell who gets the credit, just so there’s a lot of credit to give.

And just to end with a cliché, let’s get out there and win one for the Gipper.