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4 Questions You Must Answer Right Now

On Tuesday, Missouri becomes the first state in the union to vote on ObamaCare. If being a Tea Partyer means anything, it means you vote Yes on Prop C on Tuesday. I urge not to wing it.

Most elections, I wake up and think “it’s election day.” Then I take a shower and go to work. I think about stopping to vote, but I don’t want to walk into the office at 9:00. So I decide to skip out early to vote instead. Then a big meeting pops up late in the day, and I don’t get out until 5:30. Then traffic sucks. Then I stop to get a loaf of bread and decide I need to run home, drop off the bread, change, and then go vote. And I do. But I barely make it, I’m in a long line, and I’m cursing myself for being so unprepared for such a simple task.

So here’s what you can do right now to make yourself a far better voter than me. Answer these questions for yourself right now. Write down the questions and answers on a sheet of paper. And keep that paper with you until you’ve voted Tuesday, August 3.

Question One: Do you plan to vote on Tuesday, August 3?

*Yes or no.

Question Two: What time of day do you plan to vote on August 3?

  • Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening?

**Question Three: Where will you be coming from when you vote on August 3? **

  • Depends upon time of time, probably, so think about traffic, etc.

Question Four: What will you be doing immediately before voting?

  • This is important. If you’re doing something that involves a bunch of kids, for instance, or your dog, what will you do with them while you vote?

Missouri’s Secretary of State expects 24 percent turnout statewide. That’s a big jump from the 2008 primaries when only 16 percent voted. Have your plan in place for voting right now. Don’t let circumstances overcome your chance to vote Yes on Proposition C and to decide numerous important primaries.


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