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Are You Ready to Tea Party?????????

The weekend of September 12, 2010, will be The St. Louis Tea Party Weekend.

We have the Arch steps.

We have the Overlook Stage.

We have the streets.

We have the people.

We have the hunger.

We have the voice.

We have the people.

We have the stars.

We have the plan.

We have the people.

We have the cause.

We have the dedication.

We have the people.

We have the sound.

We have the music.

We have the people.

Details to follow.

If you have out of town relatives who Tea Party, invite them in for the weekend. This St. Louis’s chance to shine, to inspire the nation to Win this Election for the People, for the States, for the Fallen, for our Children.

This is the FINAL TEA PARTY before November 2. MAKE IT COUNT!

This is for you, St. Louis. For the people who fought for Healthcare Freedom, trekking to Jefferson City throughout the winter, handing out flyers on hundred degree days.

This is for the people with mouths taped, unable to speak to the President cum overlord.

This is for the campaign workers who’ve shivered and sweated through a year of dedicated service to candidates, causes, and country.

This is for the noble warriors who stepped in to the Arena, to stand before God and man and have their lives examined for fitness for office.

This is for the candidates who side with their former opponents on August 4th to face down the deadly evil of tyranny.

This is for the family from deep southern Missouri who borrowed the church van to come to St. Louis for the April 15 2009 Tea Party, ferrying two other families with them.

This is for Moose McArthur and all the other heroes recovering from wounds sustained defending us.

This is For The Win.

This is For America.

This is For You.


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