July 17, 2010

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Why We Took a Stand Against the NAACP

Sometimes it is personal.


Beginning with a simple blog post in February 2009, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has attracted over 40,000 people to dozens of events and online crusades. The vast majority of these folks represent America’s highest ideals in character and citizenship. We are educated, polite, and patriotic. We are stand-up people who fix our own problems and earn our own livings. We are not perfect, of course, but we understand that no one else can live our lives for us.

When we announced those events and asked people to show up, I don’t think any of us considered the responsibility we were taking on. But we were. We were asking strangers to take a risk, to take a stand. That invitation carried an implied promise of reciprocity: if you stand with us, we’ll stand by you.

Then, on Monday, we heard the cruel lies and invectives hurled by Ben Jealous and other NAACP representatives. Their attacks were aimed at the women and men who answered our invitations. People of good character and reputation were being labeled racists simply because they deigned to say, “enough” to the the government we, the people, created.

We could not let the NAACP’s baseless accusations stand. We did not want this confrontation, but we will not be silenced.

I emailed our resolution to the NAACP’s headquarters at midnight on Tuesday and went to bed. I set the alarm for 5:00 and prayed. In the morning, I got out of bed and prayed again. I posted the resolution on stlouisteaparty.com. I wrote my thoughts on this blog, and I headed to work, praying all the way. See, you’re never really sure, in a situation like this, how it’s going to work out. You do what you think is right and prepare for whatever comes your way.

Since Tuesday, my prayers have been answered repeatedly. Besides the support from big names like Sarah Palin and Andrew Breitbart, we’ve received dozens of emails:

My tea party admires yours, for your courage, and would like to adopt/ sponsor/support your resolution, by posting it on our website at www.ncteapartyrevolution.com as well as our facebook group.

From Texas:

THANK YOU for condemning the NAACP for their revolting and hypocritical insults of Tea Partiers everywhere.

I live in a small city in West Texas, where our Tea Party generally preaches to a like-minded choir. :) But I know I speak for every conservative in West Texas when I say thank you again, for having the courage to speak frankly.


Congratulation on your resolution condemning the NAACP. We are standing by your side on this issue. May we use your resolution as a template for our own resolution here in MA?


As the chairperson of the Elbert County Tea Party I am going on record, and per the request by the St. Louis Tea Party for us to join with them, in condemning and exposing the totally illogical and dishonest nature of the NAACP’s actions. In the end they discredit themselves and harm their mission much more that they do ours, but we must have the courage and the willingness to stand up and call dishonesty exactly what it is, DISHONEST!

And dozens of others around the country. Plus, Jesse Jackson stepped away from the NAACP accusations, Dave Weigel said the NAACP’s stunt backfired, and former NAACP chapter president defended the Tea Party.

When you do the right thing, good people will stand up for you.

How much more personal can you get?