July 2, 2010

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Latest Missouri US Senate Race Poll

Rasmussen Report has the latest numbers from the Missouri Senate race.

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The poll does not include any mention of Republican candidate Chuck Purgason. Purgason seems to be enjoying something of a surge. He’s doffed his toupee and traded the Bolo tie for a regular one. And Purgason’s released a radio commercial in key areas around the state.

Rasmussen finds strong support for Roy Blunt among those who consider themselves tea partyers:

Blunt has the support of 85% of Tea Party members and 50% of those who are not sure. Carnahan gets 61% of the vote from those who are not members.

And a very large plurality of Missouri voters support the Tea Party movement.

Overall, 43% of Missouri voters say the Tea Party movement is good for the country, while 27% view it as a bad thing.

Twenty-two percent (22%) of Missouri voters consider themselves members of the Tea Party movement, compared to 16% nationwide. Fifty-four percent (54%) say they are not members, but 24% aren’t sure.

Of the 24 percent who “aren’t sure” whether their members of the tea party movement, I wonder what evidence they need to make up their minds

When it comes to the general election, Rasmussen pits Blunt against Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. Blunt leads Carnahan 48 to 43 percent.

Need Primary Poll

It would be nice if a national pollster would check on Blunt vs. Purgason. The last poll of that primary race was in March and Blunt led 48 to 18 percent. Again, though, Purgason seems to have caught a bit of a tailwind in recent weeks, at least in the St. Louis area.

When we look at issues, it’s a stark reminder of Robin Carnahan’s hard left liberalism. One example: 81 percent of those who oppose Arizona’s new immigration law support Robin Carnahan.