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In less than twenty-four hours, the left has demonstrated its incapacity for civilized living by physically assaulting a college student, then exclaiming the virtues of physical assaults on reporters.


A Democrat member of Congress assaulted a college student.  The assault, shown on two video angles, was unprovoked (unless asking a simple, closed question is now cause for violence) and continuing long past the point at which the victim said stop.

Then, throughout the day, the left rallied around the perpetrator, blaming the victim AND blaming people who weren’t even there.  The Washington Post begs to know who the reporters were, as if that’s the most important information.  Mediaite says “Etheridge’s actions are only partially defensible.”

What? Partially defensible? Are you kidding? Perhaps Mediaite wanted the Congressman to whack the kid. After all, the Obama regime would cover for him, right? And CNN won’t mention it. MSNBC thinks Etheridge is a hero.

For kicks, let’s reverse this. Let’s say that a conservative Republican beat up a Code Pink freak.  What would today’s events have looked like?

1o:00 a.m. President Obama releases statement saying, “While no one has all the facts, I believe Congressman Wingnut should resign immediately. I have ordered the Attorney General to immediately investigate this case as a federal criminal civil rights violation, and my administration will prosecute Congressman Wingnut to the fullest extent of the law.”

10:18 a.m. A shaken Nancy Pelosi holds a press conference in the media suite of her $18,000 a month office.  She has asked the ethics committee to dispense with normal procedure and hold a vote on expulsion tomorrow unless Congressman Wingnut resigns sooner. “And he can’t come back into the House chamber because I have obtained an order of protection against this animal.”

10: 24 a.m. Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner, holds a press conference stating he stands by Congressman Wingnut.

10:26 a.m. Republican Minority Leader Boehner issues a statement that “I have regrettably asked Mike to resign  for the good of the Congress and the country.”

11:00 a.m. Congressman Wingnut resigns.

2:30 p.m. Wingnut surrneders to FBI agents after the DoJ issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of civil rights violation.

3:30 p.m. The uninjured Code Pinko nut is a national celebrity, forcing her doctors to double her lithium dosage.

Wow.  Did you think  the American left would sink so low so fast. And, aren’t you a little worried that they feel immune from prosecution. What chilling memo from the White House gave the Etheridge the green light to go postal on a kid? Can anyone seriously, with a straight face, claim that the Democratic party is still a civilized organization?

Seriously.  Who thunk up this strategy?  Biden?  I can hear the meeting now.

RAHM:   … and the Gallup numbers suck even worse. We’re down in the low forties  … um … what now, Joe?

JOE:  Are there going to be refreshments?  My secretary said something about refreshments.

RAHM:  into intercom but staring at Joe Debbie, can  you bring the vice president a  … ? gestures with hands, palms up, shrugs

JOE:  Oh, Scotch.  Neat. Something good, like from an Island.

RAHM:  _At Joe. _Yeah. To intercom. An Isle of Jura. Neat.  No, that’s good enough. Back to Joe.  So we need to do something to get the president’s numbers back up  … Joe’s raised his hand is making a moaning sound.  Yeah, Joe. Again?  Really? What?

JOE: I know!  I got it!  Let’s beat the crap out of those kids with with video cameras. You know, like that guy that ambushed the guy from Illinois or Idaho or somewhere funky like that?  Let’s just, ya know, beat ‘em up. That’s how we did things back in Scranton.  My mom wouldn’t spit on me if I didn’t kick some kid’s ass two or three times a week.

RAHM:  You get right on that, Mr. Vice President. I’m sure the President will appreciate it.

JOE:  You betcha.  Hey, you think that drink’s ready yet?

[Exit Joe, stage left.]

The American left: not just wrong–dangerous.  So keep your hands in the car, the windows rolled up, and, whatever you do, don’t feed the Democrats.

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