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** You Can Order My Book Online Today **Zen Conservatism is now available in paperback.

I began this book in December 2008, just after the election.  My goal was to produce a book that would inspire people to restore our republic.  At the time, conservatives were disheartened, dismayed, and distracted.

Then the Tea Party movement began, and I had to put my book project on hold. But thanks to your work, I’ve been able to return to my project.  I’ve updated the original work with things I’ve learned in the Tea Party movement, but the basic idea remains the same:  focus on the most important things and be happy while you do it. I hope this book helps you (and all of us) reclaim our freedom without losing our souls If you would like the book, you can order online here ($1 from each purchase goes to St. Louis Tea Party)  or from Amazon.com.  I’d be more than happy to sign it at the next event.  I hope to have a book signing in January.

The book will be available in bookstores every in January, but why wait?  You can get it now for just $14.95 (plus shipping and handling).

Fulfillment by Amazon Are you an Amazon member?  You can order today from Amazon.com.  This option gives you all the advantages of Amazon, including the free shipping program if you qualify. **Kindle Edition **Have a Kindle?  Get Zen Conservatism for Kindle from Amazon.