Does Missouri Need Another State Commission?

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Usually, I’m against any government adding anything to its list of functions. But our friend Carl Bearden points out a novel and needed commission proposed by Missouri State Senator Gary Nodler. If enacted, Senate Bill No. 587 would require Missouri to establish a 10th Amendment Commission.

Here’s language directly from the proposed bill:

The commission shall examine actions of the federal government toward the state, and refer cases to the attorney general when the federal government takes steps that require the state or a state officer to enact or enforce a provision of federal law that lies outside Congress’s enumerated powers and intrudes on the sovereignty reserved to the states by the tenth amendment to the United States Constitution. The attorney general is authorized to seek appropriate relief to preserve the state’s sovereignty.

I say the St. Louis Tea Party should champion this legislation right through to election day on August 10, 2010.

I can’t think of a better use for an Attorney-General than to protect Missouri (or any other state) from the criminally expansive federal government. For the past century, the people and the states watch Washington bureaucrats and politicians steal power for their own use—power given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution.

This should be just one prong in multi-faceted State Sovereignty campaign. There’s no shortage of attacks on our freedoms; we might as well throw the kitchen sink at them, too.

I’ll try to contact Tea Party and other conservative groups in KC, Springfield, Cape, and other cities.

Who’s with me? Please share your thoughts below.