The Secret to Happy Political Victory

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My new ebook, Zen Conservatism, will be available for download ($9.50) within the week.  To prepare, I’ve posted the first chapter which you can download for free.

Here’s more about the book:

You consider yourself a patriot and a proud American.

You have become more and more concerned about the direction your country is headed.

You wish you could just yell “STOP!” –and someone would listen.

Zen Conservatism,” was written for you.  It will give you confidence that America’s greatness remains within reach.  More importantly, it will give you the tools to become a foot soldier–or maybe a general–in the continuing American Revolution.

Chances are, you watch the news or click through Drudge headlines and feel powerless to stop what’s happening in America.  Maybe you’ve been to a Tea Party or to a Congressional town hall to voice your displeasure.  But you just go home and things continue to deteriorate.

You want to make a difference every day.

Or perhaps you’re not the kind to grab the microphone and tell a Congressman or Senator what you really think.  You’ve never attended a political rally or demonstration in your life.   You can’t imagine yourself with a picket sign, marching in front of a union headquarters, shouting a response to the words from a megaphone.

But you want to help restore liberty and prosperity to America.

Or maybe you’re a small business owner who as has your dreams for your kids vanish.  Regulations, taxes, federal deficits, threats of carbon taxes and mandatory healthcare premiums keep you up at night.  Owning a business just isn’t fun anymore, and you wonder whether you can continue.  Every day, it seems, you ask yourself if the long hours and rude customers are worth–after all, the government will take it all away someday anyway.

You just want to take back your life and business.

Whichever lifestyle described you, “Zen Conservatism” will arm you with the weapons you need to restore the republic you love without losing yourself in the process.  Military veterans who are sick that you fought for a country only to watch it self-destruct? The book will give you the guidance you need to start fighting back.

Are you a mom or dad who feels America has stolen your kids?  ”Zen Conservatism,” invites you to fight back effectively—you and millions of your fellow Americans.

Zen Conservatism” was writen by Bill Hennessy, one of the first Tea Party leaders in America.  After years of sitting on the sidelines, paying his taxes, and struggling to raise his family, Bill decided on February 22, 2009, enough!  He joined with local talk radio host, Dana Loesch, and vowed to host a Tea Party on the banks of the Mississippi River just 5 days later.

St. Louis Tea Party has become one of the elite examples of citizen activism in the continuing American Revolution.  In “Zen Conservatism,” Hennessy argues that the American Revolution never ended–we just stopped paying attention.  He identifies the tools used by the other side to keep the revolutionaries fat, dumb, and happy. Most importantly, he shows you how you can simplify your political life in order to get more done, have a bigger impact, and keep your sanity.

We need what this book offers.

After trillions of dollar in new government debt and a White House bent on bringing socialism to America, the revolutionaries woke up.  Millions of ordinary Americans looked around for leaders and a battle plan.

Bill Hennessy was one of a handful who provided leadership and direction.

Now you can learn how to put his experience to work.  Drawing on a lifetime of political writing, nine years of military leadership, and decades of marketing and business leadership experience, Hennessy gives you the field manual for the next decade of that revolution.

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“The Conservative Manifesto” is out of print after selling over 10,000 copies in three years.  ”Zen Conservatism” is sure to be a conservative classic.

Help Form the Next Generation

With the holidays approaching, consider ordering copies for the young adults and teens in your family.  ”Zen Conservatism” will help dilute the liberal indoctrination they’ve received in the government (and most private) schools.  Or it will re-inforce the solid values you’ve taught at home.