Boycott David Letterman's Sponsors

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If you don’t know why, then you’re reading the wrong blog.

The New Agenda is keeping tabs on sponsors of David Letterman’s show.  I have already told T-Mobile that I will cancel may $120 month service (paying the penalty) if they don’t stop advertising on The Late Show by July 15.

Top names on the boycott list:

  * Johnson & Johnson
  * T-Mobile
  * Ford
  * Nissan/Infiniti
  * Toyota/Lexus
  * Proctor & Gamble
  * Citigroup (which should be out of business, anyway)
  * Chase (JPMC)
  * The Gap (plus Old Navy and Banana Republic)
  * Wyeth
  * Saturn
  * Mazda

Please check the list and avoid these companies until they leave Letterman or Letterman retires.