The End of Business; The End of the Republic

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_While the Tea Party movement was and remains non-partisan, the dangers to freedom posed by this man, Barack Obama, are too serious to protect his name with euphemisms. The Tea Party movement is the only active resistance to this administration’s dictatorial seizure of power. _

Today, a government official leaked plans for a permanent government takeover of General Motors. On the heels of the administration’s repeal of contract law and elimination of 200 years of bankruptcy case law, this could signal the end of private ownership of manufacturing companies in America.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – If General Motors Corp. files for bankruptcy, as widely expected, its healthy assets will be quickly sold to a new company owned by the U.S. government, a source familiar with the situation said Tuesday [via CNN].

Since October, many people scoffed at conservative and libertarian warnings that an Obama administration would move quickly to bring about true Soviet-style socialism. Since taking office, though, the President has:

* Seized major banks and manufacturers, firing their managers and boards of directors, and replacing them with his own** Assumed judicial and legislative powers by imposing un-Constitution rules and standards on the automobile and other industries** Used threat of physical violence against bank executives to quash resistance to his arbitrary rule** Routinely violated his own pledges to provide public comment periods to legislative bills** Released terrorists who have killed U. S. service members** Numerous other despotic acts against private property and individual liberty** Confiscated the rightful property of citizens and companies, rewarding it labor unions without due process   

Most Americans are too timid and frightened to resist. Have you heard an outcry from our esteemed Republican Senators? None. Representatives? Silence. Michael Steele? Cordiality.

Democrats, too, claim to support to liberty and free markets. Where is their outrage? Where is the legislation to stop Barack Obama from molesting the Constitution? Where is it? Where the hell are the American leaders? Are they wimps? Has Obama threatened to turn them over to ACORN-led murderous mobs as he did with the bankers? “I’m the only thing standing between you and the mobs” he told the bankers in February. We have elected Che, Castro, Lenin, Mao, Chavez.

It’s time for radical action. It’s time shut down the government through legal, coordinated civil disobedience. It’s time to take the country back.

I spent 9 year fighting communism in the Cold War; I’ll be damned if I’ll stand by and watch some punk-ass commie from Chicago undo our hard work.

Delenda est Obama!